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2022 ~
Acquired the EC Certification for gas analyzer (DA- 770)
Acquired the KFI type Certification (Ga 22-46)
Acquired domestic explosion-proof indicator Certification (GMS-1600)

2021 ~
Acquired infrared thermometer CE Certification (IR-22)
Acquired the Smoke detector CE Certification (ASD-55, 56, 57)

2020 ~
Registered at a KOLAS Accreditation Calibration Institution
Registered a patent for fire prevention detector (MIR-64, MDI-64)
Developed an optical oxygen analyzer (DA-770-O2)

2019 ~
Moved to a new office building (Incheon)
Acquired the gas alarm type approval (Ga 19-5, A 19-9)

2018 ~
Acquired the CE (COC) Certification for gas alarm receiver (GMS-2500)
Acquired the dust explosion-proof certificate from domestic explosion-proof safety for product (Gas Detector DA- 800)

2017 ~
Acquired the gas alarm type certification (Ga 17-1)
Developed Pyrolyzer Module (NF3, SF6, WF6)
Developed Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Webpage

2016 ~
Acquired international explosion proof certification ATEX, IECEX for DA-100
Developed Suction type Analyzer N20

2015 ~
Acquired KR (Korean Register Shipping Certification)
Developed Infrared Rays Thermometer for Glass (GLASS-5.2)
Developed oxygen analyzer of Zirconia sensor (DA-60)
Developed IR-Brazing Thermometer for Brazing (Brazing-3.9)

2014 ~
Developed View type Infrared thermometer (IR-VIEW)
Developed Non-Contact subminiature Fixed Infrared thermometer (IR-compact,IR-22)
Developed Non contact Temperature + Smoke Detector(TS-60)

2013 ~
Developed two color Pyrometer (SS-100, 2IGA-100)

2012 ~
Develops the wireless environment instrument IAQ-700
Registers a patent for infrared thermometer

2011 ~
Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business in Incheon
Developed Korea's first low-concentration O2 analyzer (0~10000ppm)/dd>

2010 ~
Acquired Thailand, Malaysia agency contract

2009 ~
Developed Korea's first low-temperature and high-temperature infrared thermometers (IR-20, IR-80)
Developed Korea's first mini-infrared thermometer (IRman Series)

2008 ~
Developed infrared gas analyzer (CH4, CO2, N2O, H2)

2007 ~
Developed the suction type gas detector (DA-750, DA-800)
Establishment of Research & Development Centre

2006 ~
Smoke sensor utility model and design registration

2005 ~
Developed smart gas detector
Developed single/multi-channel gas receiver

2004 ~
Established Gas DNA Co., LtdI
Developed the first non-visible display gas detector