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GMS-2500 is multi-channel gas alarming unit to monitor gas leakages from more than one gas detectors simultaneously. GMS-2500 is composed of one alarming unit & more than one receiving units. While each receiving units in GMS-2500 receive density signals from external gas detectors, when the density becomes higher than alarm value, receiving units automatically give signal to alarming unit to sound alarm.
GMS-2500 transmits the relay output and standard current output signal 4-20㎃ to various controllers such as PLC, DDC, recorders, and computers for composition of integrated gas monitoring system.
- Centralized gas monitoring is available by connection with more than one gas detectors.
- Receiving 4-20㎃ analogue continuous signals from more than one gas detectors simultaneously and displaying the digital signals accurately by built-in high resolution A/D converter.
- User programming alarm range, alarm delay time, and so on, by built-in micro processor.)
- Bar graph displays the alarming density for maximum visual effect.
- Built-in high resolution D/A converter for accurate transmission of 4-20㎃ standard current output signal to external controllers (PLC/DDC).
- High/low relay output for interlocking with external devices such as fan.
- Robust aluminum alloy casing & frame.
Division Alarming unit (Power unit) Receiving unit
Product structure DIN TYPE DIN TYPE
Control structure Alarm:Indicator = 1:1~64 Indicator: Sensor = 1:1
Expansion structure Slide Card Type
Input power AC 230V/60Hz
Output power DC 24V(250mA)
Input signal 4-20mA DC/F.S
Output signal 4-20mA DC/F.S, RS-485(Option)
Density indicating F.N.D Display
%LEL(Combustibility), %(oxygen), PPM(toxicity)
Power indicating AC 230V/60Hz – POWER LED(GREEN)
Alarm indicating Alarm LED (Red)
Alarm LED flickering
Low Alarm - AL1 LED (Yellow)
High Alarm – AL2 LED (Yellow)
Trouble Alarm - Fault LED (Red)
Alarm method Seeing – Alarm LED On/Off Seeing – Alarm LED On/Off
Buzzer sound (More than 90 ㏈)
Alarm density HIGH/LOW 2 step Alarm density –set by user
Alarm delay time 0~99seconds, setting by user
Alarm lifting Manual and automatic returning
Alarm output SPDT RELAY output for HIGH/LOW 2 steps
SPDT RELAY output for FALULT alarm
Operating temp./humidity -20℃ ~ 50℃, 5~95%RH (Non-Condensing)
External Material 19” (3U) Unit : Aluminum / System enclosure: Metal case
Output Option RS-485
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