GasDNA is the leading provider of IR Thermometer and gas detectors to optimize performance of boilers, furnaces, refineries, substations and transformers.
We have a diverse and experienced staffs available to help you with product and feature selection.

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Field & System Service

Field Service

Field Service Engineers are dedicated to providing expert, on-site support every step of the way. These services include:
· On-site audit to determine your measurement needs
· Project Management
· Installation and Commissioning
· Training
· On-Site Repair and Calibration
Field Service

System Service

GasDNA offers customized service packages to meet your specific support needs. Our system level services offer comprehensive support for your entire system at significant discounts. Available system level packages vary greatly depending on your system, but the key benefits of any service package includes:
· A maintenance program designed specifically for your application
· Advanced scheduling of GasDNA field engineering services for pre ventative maintenance
· Flex days to use for training, consulting, or repairs
· All preventative maintenance parts and labor inclusive
· Unlimited technical support
· Bundled savings on services
· Discounts on spare parts, upgrades, and training
· Repairs
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