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PRODUCT > DA-500-LB-1000




DA-500 detects various combustible & toxic gases leaked from industrial areas for gas producers, gas users, gas reservoirs, gas by-producers, and so on, in order to prevent any accidents in advance. DA-500 converts digital signal into the 4-20mA standard current output signal which can be transmitted to various devices such as PLC, DDC, or recorder to build comprehensive gas monitoring system. Also, DA-500 provides RS-485 communication signal and alarm relay contact. DC 4-20mA standard output signal realizes max 2500m long distance output signal transmission and RS-485 communication signal realizes max 1000m long distance signal transmission.
Digital Process
Digital processor based on built-in micro processor realizes various artificial intelligent functions which result in convenient gas monitoring environment.
Self diagnosis
Digital process automatically diagnoses the sensor signal and sends 2mA error signal output on the malfunction in the sensor.
Auto-calibration without opening cover
You don’t need to open front cover for calibration. You only have to touch cover window using magnetic bar. It is quite useful for the corrective work in the explosive area.
LCD display with back light
LCD offers real-time display of gas density and back light offers easy reading even in dark area.
User programming
User programming calibration density and detection rage offers user’s own operating functions.
Built-in HD(high dissolution) A/D converter for accurate output signal.
Multi signal output
Various output signals - DC 4-20mA, 2 step-relay contact, & RS-485(option) – provides best networking with all kinds of devices & equipments.
4-20mA transmitter
4-20mA output enables stable and long distance (maximum 2.5km) signal transmission.
RS-485 enables stables stable and long distance (maximum 1.2km) signal communication.
Alarm output
SPST 2 step relay contacts (AL1/AL2).
Detection principle NDIR (Nondispersive infrared)
Gas sampling Diffusion type
Target gas Combustible gas, Toxic gas
Measurement range %LEL, PPM, %vol
Response time Within 30sec, 90%/full scale
Accuracy ≤±2%/Full Scale
Sensor displacement Zero - ≤±1%LEL/6 Month, Span -≤±1%LEL/6 Month
User programmable Calibration density, detection range
Input power DC 20~30V
Output power 4~20mA/Full Scale - 2.5km Transmission
Operating temp.& humidity -30℃~60℃, 5~95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Signal cable CVVS & CVVSB 1.5sq x 3 Wire - Shield Type
Wire conduit 1/2” or 3/4” PF, NPT
Installation type Wall or Pipe Station
Exterior material Cast Aluminum Alloy
Explosion-proof Ex d IIC T5 - Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Output 2 step- Relay Contact (High/Low)
Communication output RS-485 communication output(option)