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MIR-64/MDI-64Smoke Detector

Electricity consumption is rapidly increasing with the development of the industry and the resulting fire is also increasing, which makes it a suitable product for prevention of the fire at the high voltage distribution panel, culvert, or secondary battery storage area.
Up to 10 MDI-64 products can be used with a single touch screen, and can be controlled by simple monitoring. The MIR-64 product can be installed in the measurement position, and the MDI-64 product can be installed in the desired position within a 1KM radius. ETHERNET communication can be used to monitor or control in real time in the control or situation room. It can be connected to other communication systems using RS232 communication.
MIR-64 Specification
Power DC 24V
Dimension 55ø*52mm
Power Consumption 0.84W
Temp. Measure Range -20℃~300℃
Measure Type 16*4 Infrared Temp.
Measure Cycle Measure Cycle
Measure Error ±1℃
Measure Range 60˚*16˚ FOV
Communication Communication
Relay Output Relay Output

MDI-64 Specification
Case Front Waterproof Type
Screen Size 7 inches (Option 10.2 inches)
Resolution 800x480
Communication Port RS232x2,RS485x1,Ethernetx1
Touch Type Pressure Sensing Type (Resistance Membrane Type)
Sound Internal (SD card not necessary)
Power 12~24VDC
Cutting Size 177*114mm
Power Consumption <5W